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Wavepacket GLUT Libraries

The terrain library within wave-glut.
Image courtesy of tomva (sourceforge)
This is a set of utility libraries for use with the GLUT rendering system. Includes support for dialogs, fonts, 3D models, heightfields, input devices, and viewport management.  
This library is released under the BSD License.  
This library is in pre-alpha stage.  
This library uses several other open-source projects for rendering.  
One library is libmini, a realtime terrain rendering library by Stefan Roettger.  
Another library is David Henry's MD3 Viewer, which is used to render 3D models using Quake's MD3 format.  


There is no binary download: instead, this project uses the
Wavepacket Build System to automatically pull down the appropriate version of source, and build that locally.

Each release is actually a small .build file that drives a build script to automatically build a local copy of repositories for you. Each release contains a .build file and an html file with instructions.

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